Good morning Kam

Thanks for your enquiry re the banning the use of single use plastic and polystyrene packaging proposed to come into effect in October.

I apologise for the crossover in responding but you probably now know I spoke to Ray about this on Friday. Until the legislation is actually passed by Parliament I canít say for definite what (if any) transition period may be allowed but my advice is to keep orders for stock as low as you can for now so you are in a better position to transition when there is more certainty about what the timescales are to comply. You can of course move away from single-use plastic/polystyrene packaging in advance of the law being passed in readiness.

When the legislation is passed there will be increased publicity on the requirements and Trading Standards Officers will be able to provide guidance & advice to help businesses understand their responsibilities & achieve compliance in a timely manner.

I hope this helps.


Angus Mackay | Trading Standards Officer